Being a member of TSP brings value to your career and practice. 
*Access to broad-based field knowledge and experience
*Discounted conference registration fees
*Access to the highest quality CME
*Ability to collaborate on advocacy and initiatives that strengthen our profession
*Access to the TSP online member director 

Membership Types 

Active Membership - $375*

Active members may vote and hold office in the society. Election to Active membership shall be limited to physicians who: 

  • Hold a current Texas State Board Medical Examiners' license to practice medicine and surgery in Texas
  • Have spent at least four years (including training) in pathology, AND
  • Dedicate the major portion of their practice to this specialty.

In addition, they shall meet ONE of the following requirements: 

  1. Hold any certificate of the American Board of Pathology OR
  2. Hold full membership in a national society of pathologists that judges the qualifications of its members

 Active Membership - First Year - $50* 

This membership type is available for one year, only to physicians who: 

  • have been in practice for 5 years or less 
  • are elevating from current Junior membership status

 Corresponding Membership - $125*

Corresponding membership shall be limited to pathologists who are non-residents of Texas, and who are either active members of this Society who have moved to another state, or are active members of the state pathology society where they reside. They shall neither vote nor hold office. 

 Junior Membership - Exempt from Dues 

Junior member candidates shall be physicians in pathology residency or fellowship programs. They shall be exempt from dues. They shall neither vote nor hold office, and may remain junior members for a maximum of six years. 

 Retired Membership - $30* 

Retired membership shall be limited to pathologists who are fully retired from the practice of pathology, and who make a request for a change in status to retired member and where reasonable documentation exists confirming retired status. They shall have all other privileges and rights of Active members, except voting and holding office. They may remain Retired Members until such time they re-engage in the practice of pathology and are no longer retired. To become a retired member, please email , TSP Executive Director.

 Associate Membership - $300*

Associate membership category is for candidates with doctorates in the clinical sciences (microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology, transfusion medicine) to the Texas Society of Pathologists. These members will not have voting rights and will be from academic pathology departments only. 

For other Membership inquiries, contact the TSP Executive Office. 

 *Contributions or gifts to the Texas Society of Pathologists are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, a portion of dues may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. TSP estimates that 18.75% of your 2024 dues will be nondeductible as this portion is allocable to lobbying as defined by law. 

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