Educational Foundation

In 1997, the Texas Society of Pathologists established the John R. Rainey, Jr., MD, Educational Foundation to promote education and research in pathology. 

Each year, the Foundation provides scholarships to support the endeavors of residents, fellows, and medical students interested in the field of pathology.  In addition, the Foundation supports the residents/fellows' platform and poster competition held during the annual TSP meeting.  Your contribution to the Foundation increases the financial support that can be provided to students, residents and fellows for pathology research and presentations.  Contributions to the TSP Educational Foundation are tax deductible.

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President - Kevin Homer, MD
President-Elect - Greg Hosler, MD, PhD
Vice President - James Malter, MD
Treasurer - Susan Baer, MD
At-Large Board Member - Michelle Hebert, MD
At-Large Board Member - Jennifer Rushton, MD
Academic Representative - James Musser, MD, PhD
Academic Representative -
Heritage Council Chair - L. Maximilian Buja, MD
YPS Chair - Teresa Duran, MD
YPS Chair-Elect - Riyam Zreik, MD
YPS Past Chair - Brian Merritt, MD