Contribution Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Texas Society of Pathologists.  Your contributions make the following efforts possible.   

Centennial Celebration

TSP will celebrate it's 100th anniversary in 2021.  Since its establishment in 1921, TSP has and continues to be the best resource for the latest technology, legislative and policy issues, networking and education in the state for pathologists.  The TSP Heritage Council is seeking contributions to help make the 100th celebration a memorable one.  Your contributions will go to support programming, entertainment, food, and photography to capture this once in a century celebration.  

Educational Foundation

Each year, the Foundation provides scholarships to support the endeavors of residents, fellows, and medical students interested in the field of pathology.  In addition, the Foundation supports the residents/fellows' platform and poster competition held during the annual TSP meeting.  Your contribution to the Foundation increases the financial support that can be provided to students, residents and fellows for pathology research and presentations.  Contributions to the TSP Educational Foundation are tax deductible.

General Fund

TSP is able to continue it's mission because of your support and generosity.  By contributing to the general fund, you'll help ensure that work continues for the future of pathology.

Legal Fund

Established with the purpose of defending the practice of pathology in Texas, the fund supports legal and regulatory efforts, advancing the reputation of pathology among policy makers, the business community and the public.    


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