President's Message

Texas Society of Pathologists members,

2019 is a legislative year in Texas and our lawmakers are currently in session. Your legislative council has been hard at work for you preparing for the upcoming months.

Currently, two of the major issues pertinent to the practice of pathology include network adequacy/balance billing and laboratory benefit management (LBM) systems. The former could have a major impact on billing practices for pathologists as well as on negotiating rates with payers. The latter threatens to reduce our autonomy on performing appropriate tests, alter referral patterns, and place more barriers for payments for our services. Both could ultimately negatively impact patient care.

These are complicated issues but the TSP is dedicated to getting in front of legislators to make sure they are appropriately informed. We are also working with other specialties in the TMA which share our “patient first” vision, to ensure patient care is not in any way compromised by policy, intentionally or unintentionally.

If you want to participate in the advocacy for our patients and our practice of pathology, there are several ways to do this:
1) join us for an “advocacy day” in Austin
2) get to know your local legislators
3) volunteer to serve the leadership of the TSP
4) contribute to the TSP advocacy fund

We can help you with any or all of these.
Looking forward to serve,

Gregory Hosler, MD, PhD
Texas Society of Pathologists